Hibernation Over!

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’ll keep my apologies short so I can get to the good stuff. The past few months really flew by. October was strangely, excruciatingly long, but November went by fast, and December even quicker than that. The weather, warm for so long (up until mid-November), has definitely taken a dip into the mid fifties. At face value, it doesn’t sound bad, but until you’re scootering to school at 7:00am with gusts of wind pummeling you through your four layers of closing and regretting not wearing longer socks to cover your ankles, you don’t get to tell me weather in the 50’s is warm! Apparently it’s because of the wet cold here; humidity in the summer translates to a bone-chilling cold in the winter.

Though the temperatures have been decreasing, I am constantly basked in the warmth of my friends here, the adorableness of my students, and the kindness of the Taiwanese people, which still astounds me after all this time. Even through the rough patches, especially during the holiday season where I should be laughing with family, stuffing my face at huge Asian parties and playing pixelated video games on my friend’s wizened PS2. There have been a plethora of high points and low points, which I’ll try my best to elucidate in the following posts. I’ve broken up by topic so you, as the Reader, don’t try to make it through a long post and give up a third of the way in. I’ve organized the following posts into the following topics:

Teaching in Taitung

Chinese Progress

Living in Taitung

Holiday Festivities

Traveling Taiwan

Future Plans, Or Things To Look Forward To

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